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Water Purification:
Crystal Clear Water

The Everest spa has not only been engineered for maximum hydrotherapy and aquatic performance, its optional, award winning Crystal Clear® Water Management system maintains water purity 24 hours a day so all spa users stay safe and healthy. At its core is an omni-directional water purifying system which combines a patented ultra-violet light to remove micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria and organic matter, with one of the largest and ost efficient filtration systems in the world.

Crystal clear water is the essence of a purely relaxing spa experience.
Everest Spas

4 Stage Water Filtration

We unterstand that delivering the best possible water quality in your spa takes more than a simple filter system. Everest spas feature an efficient and effective 5-step filtration system taking all relevant components into consideration.


100% No-Bypass Filtration

All Everest spas use a 100% no-bypass filtration system. This means that all water is passing through the filter and other systems. Under no circumstance water is pulled directly from the spa into the pumping system, making your spa cleaner and increasing its lifespan.


Efficient 24h Circulation Pump

Everest Spas emply the latest technology circulation pumps creating a highly efficient, low power design to efficiently move water troughout the days. This keeps energy consumption to a minimum and water cleanness to a maximum.


Durable Components

Our Balboa heating system is manufactured using teflon coated, incoloy allow to give years of trouble free operation. Silver solder is used instead of brass due to its corrosion resistant properties.


Crystal Summit UV Water Purifier®

Inside the Crystal Summit UV Water Purifier® ultraviolet (UV) light effectively kills all micro-organisms providing continuous disinfection without special attention. Unlike traditional ozone sanitisation ystems our Crystal Clear Water Management system does not effect cover and headrest lifespan.

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