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Everest spas are engineered for maximum hydrotherapy and aquatic performance. Relaxation and personal wellbeing are the key functions of each of our products. Over 20 years’ experience in the spa industry have being integrated into state-of-the-art products which convert your backyard into a place of pure relaxation.

We are Everest Spas.

What drives us

Everest Spas is devoted to creating elaborate products which help to improve people’s health and lifestyle. Everest’s products provide relaxation, stress relief, enhance well-being and support beneficial aquatic exercise. All our products are carefully designed and manufactured. We strive to constantly improve ourselves and the products we deliver. We embrace new technologies and understand the importance of delivering reliable, durable which help to improve their owners’ lives.

At Everest Spas we reward achievement and promote development. We practice close cooperation with our international customers and embrace customer feedback to further improve our products and service. Everest clearly understands that a successful product is the result of a complete package of technology, manufacturing quality, innovative design and first-class customer support.

Everest Spas' Mission


Why Everest Spas


More for your money

At Everest spas we are convinced that we can create high-quality spas at a more than reasonable cost point. We create spas which deliver first-class massage experience, which feature latest technologies and which turn your backyard into your personal wellness resort.


Quality of Massage

Each Everest spa is the result of years of development, intense testing, carefully listening to customer feedback and constant improvement. Every single jets is carefully positioned, its dimension and functionality are chosen based on the specific needs.


Low Running Costs

Everest spas and swim spas are equipped with a highly efficient multi-step insulation system and low consumption circulation pumps. Everest's highly efficient multi-step filtration systems extend water change cycles, reducing water consumption and minimizing operation costs.



Whether you use your Everest spa as a place of personal relaxation, a social meeting point to share a great time with your friends or as your personal aquatic exercise center, an Everest spa will always deliver.



Purchasing a spa or swim spa is an investment into a better life. Everest spas have been designed to deliver pure relaxation of a long product life, in every environment. All components have been carefully selected which these goal in mind. Durable components and easy access reduce maintenance to a minimum.


First-Class Service

For us, customer experience does not just include the product. Prompt customer support and comprehensive sales and after sales services are an integral part of the Everest philosophy.


Experience our Products

Check out our latest range of spas and swim spas and experience their high quality features. In the products section we prepared in depth information about each spa model, featuring high-quality product images, accurate technical specifications and overview about all color options.

Experience Our Products

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