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Your Personal Wellness Resort

Everest Spas convert your backyard into a place of relaxation, aquatic exercise and a social meeting point.

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Aquatic Exercise Center

Everest Swim Spas are the perfect place to keep yourself fit, recover or just enjoy yourself.

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A Linup Of Pure Relaxation

Everest Spas covers the whole range from small two-seater spas to large professional swim spas, always included: the Everest Experience.

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Everest Spas combine powerful massage, ergonomic design and high-quality features. Every spa has been designed with the best massage experience in mind. Reliable components, versatile yet targeted massage jets, innovative water purification system and latest electronic control systems deliver a great massage experience.

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Swim Spas

Everest swim spas transform your backyard in to your very own aquatic exercise center. Every swim spas is the result of constant development and evolution. Its increased water depth make it the ideal place for workout and recreation.

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Personal Aquatic Exercise

Everest swim spas are the perfect place for your aquatic exercise, combining the unique advantages of an Everest spa with the unique experience of an endless swimming pool. Swim in an endless stream of water, lean back in one of the massage seats or just enjoy the increase water depth for a gently exercised. Everest swim spas are your personal aquatic exercise center.

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About Everest

Everest spas and swim spas are suitable across generations. No matter if you use your Everest spa as a place for relaxation, as a social meeting point, for gentle aquatic exercise or to train your endurance and swimming technique, your Everest spa will always deliver.

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