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First Class Features
Superior Spa Experience

Everest spas are a full-sensory experience that combines high class hydrotherapy, the gently warmth of water, relaxing colortherapy and inspiring aromatherapy. Gentle sounds from the integrated audio system complete an allround experience.


Water Purification

Everest Spas have not only been engineered for maximum hydrotherapy and aquatic performance, its water management system maintains water purity 24 hours a day so all spa users stay safe and healthy.

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Color Range

With a carefully selected range of premium colours Everest Spas smoothly blend into their environment, no matter whether you are looking for clean modern or strong classic colour options.

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Lighting Systems

Everest Spas are an oasis of relaxation. Sophisticated LED lighting systems add a new dimension to the spa experience.

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HeatBank™ Insulation

Our latest insulation innovation that brings spa insulation to the next level: HeatBank™. When developing HeatBank™ we rethought every single component.

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Massage Jets

Carefully designed and positioned jets provide a first class massage experience. The layout and combination of different jets have been carefully designed for each specific purpose.

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Balboa Control System

Everest Spas feature the latest and most advanced spa control systems in the world. We are proud to work with the Balboa Water Group to create state of the art spas that deliver.

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MicroSilk® System

MicroSilk® is a new patented Hydrotherapy that rejuvenates your body and skin, making you look younger and feel better.

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Ultimate Fitness Gym

Everest Swim Spas are the ideal device for your swim training. Enjoy the benefits of your very own private training pool right in your backyard, always ready for the next session.

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