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HeatBank™ by Everest Spas
Next Level Spa Insulation.

Our latest insulation innovation that brings spa insulation to the next level: HeatBank™. When developing HeatBank™ we rethought every single component. Precision cut insulation boards perfectly fit the EverLast™ aluminum frame. Removable custom designed insulation panels accurately fit into the frame.


EverLast™ Aluminum Frame

The exclusive EverLast™ aluminum chassis by Everest Spas has been designed with high quality materials. Robust, light and corrosion-proof; it adapts to any type of environment.


HeatBank™ Sandwich Floor

The insulation of the bottom of a spa is very important to prevent the cold of the soil from rising inside the spa and dramatically lowering the temperature of the water in your spa. That's why we designed the HeatBank™ sandwich insulation. Robust, high-performance insulation. Your spa water will always stay at a good temperature and the energy consumption will be reduced significantly.


HeatBank™ Panels

The sides and angles of a spa must also be effectively isolated. Insulation with HeatBank™ high density panels creates a thermal barrier to the environment. This revolutionary insulation reduces the thermal losses to the sides of your spa by up to 65%.


Easy Maintenance Access

With our HeatBank ™ insulation, your spa can be maintained with ease. Access to your spa's amenities, jets and plumbing has never been easier. No more wasted hours trying to remove the polyurethane foam injected on the hull and plumbing of your spa. Welcome to the world of Everest Spas.


Cold Bridge Protection

It is of little use to excessively increase the thickness of the insulation if one does not deal with the thermal bridges, which constitute the weak link of the insulating barrier. That is why we have incorporated a PVC lining and frame into the chassis so that no conductive elements cross from inside to outside.


Spa Cover

This HeatBank™ insulation would not be effective without Everest Spa's isothermal cover. It has been designed to cover and perfectly fit the exterior lines of the spa. Its sloping design and its increased thickness make this isothermal cover the most efficient on the market.

HeatBank ™ insulation is available for most Everest Spas.

For more details please refer to the detailled product specifications as listed on the product pages.